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The day after the fourth of July


I saw this Angel and just had to trace it.

I am so drawn to the face. 

It will be in the next set of chimes I will create 


Spirit of the Horse

          The Spirit of The Horse

was a special order.

This beloved pet lost its battle with cancer. 

This is a sweet poem That I found to go with the chime. 


Well 2 day was….

The computer sucked my day away kinda day.

I did not get my new outlined acrylic designs cut out.


So much 2 do!!!!

I, Ms. Scarlet am working hard to get more chimes and sun catchers finished.

Sharon is working hard doing more jewelry and building us a fan base for our business with social networking.

Wow where does the day go?

Uploaded videos to our new You Tube account so you can hear my chimes.

Sometimes I just make a chime that doesn;t really chime like my big bird house one but I just love the way the glass comes together and I just let it be. Its like everybody says …. it is like the glass has a life of its own and it tells me how to put it together. Weird I know but it is how it is.

check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=iNkDDIaTZrw