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The to do list this weekend

Make cards for free samples I am going to be giving out next weekend.

Make proposal for Health food store to maybe go once a month to give out samples and collect e-mails

Get a few new pendulums made, work on photography checklist for Etsy boot camp and get new pendulums in Etsy store.

This week get more samples made, packaged , & ready for next weekend.

Yeah, this seems like enough. Maybe come up with more tomorrow.

You can click the picture of one of my bracelet pendulums to visit my You tube channel and see how I work with my energy and the pendulums. Just in case you would like to know.


Click the next picture to visit my personal blog.

I happen to not be a boring person.


Creating A Craft Night

Here ye, Here ye, Calling all and any crafters & artist in the Fayetteville, Cumberland, N.C. area.

I, Rev. Scarlet Faith,  am wanting to put together a once a month craft night here in our beautiful town of Fayetteville.


Busy as little Beees :)

Sharon has been creating new necklaces. Of coarse I love the star fish and sea horse.

Click on the picture below to visit the Etsy store. Lots of pretty things to see, experience, and buy.






Never enough time

My project 4 today.

As well as vacuuming, taking care of my Grandson, oh and Karate at 5:00PM.

I need 2 of me sometimes.

Here is my creation spot in my living room. most comfortable and no BUGS!!!!


We’re here

S&S rainbow Creations is the great team of Ms. Scarlet Faith & Sharon Swaney.

We love to create Art from the Heart and look forward to sharing our creations with you and our adventures to becoming a successful business.

So sit back,visit often, comments,  and you sharing your creations with us is most welcomed.

visit us on facebook or e- mail us at ssrainbowcreations@gmail.com.

Please friend us and subscribe here to our blog. New artful creations posted weekly.

who doesn’t love looking at new artful creations to brightens one day or inspire our minds with new ideas.


Here is one of my wind chimes that I Ms. Scarlet Faith create with stain glass paints and Colored Glass.

For even more selection and beautiful creations please visit our Etsy store.